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At ON THE SIXTH DAY, Dr. Patricia Burke offers residents of Rhode Island* humane euthanasia of their ill or elderly pets in the comfort of their own homes.  (As I come alone & depend on owners to gently restrain their pet for initial sedation, it's not safe to euthanize aggressive pets at home vs. at a veterinary clinic).

 *This business is not licensed in Mass. or Conn.

Home visits & euthanasia can often be scheduled within a day, most days of the week, 10 AM - 7 PM. 

(Dates not available are noted on the home page)

Although sometimes I can come on the same day, 

this is not a 24-hour, or emergency service. 

The fee for a home visit & euthanasia ranges from $325-$600, (rarely more)  based on drive time from Providence & pet's size.


There are several possibilities for the care of the body. You can deal directly with a cremation service, take to your regular veterinarian, or local animal control, or bury  (see After & body care) .  I  can also take the pet for cremation.  Cremation charges vary based on pet size,  & communal vs. private. Communal (no cremains returned)  3 to 200lbs ranges from 150 to 400$  (pocket pets 100$)

Private cremation (cremains returned in a complimentary urn 325$- 575450$

Owners have to provide help to move any pet over 30# to my car. The heavier the dog, & the more stairs, the more help needed. 

Note:  As human hospitals do, as pet hospitals do, I provide cool storage for 1-3 days until the cremation facility picks up. I can't do this for dogs over 85 lbs,  so I have to limit appointments for very large dogs to days and times I can take them to the cremation facility directly after.  (Monday-Saturday during their business hours),  

More general information follows on this website.  The phone functions primarily to screen out robocalls and spam, and to give basic information which lets some owners know the service will not be right for them. For questions, to schedule, reschedule or cancel, the fastest reply will be to email

Or a text to 401-523-6566.   Phone calls, unless I recognize the caller ID - are not answered - you HAVE to leave a message. Repeat calls with no message left will be blocked.   I TRY  to respond to texts & emails received before 4 pm, the same day. After 4 PM, it may be the next day.  If the only way to reach you is a landline phone number or phone call,  it will be after apt hours are done, or the next day, If you give me the requested information, I first reply with an estimate.

I need your  First, & LAST name, and your address.  Let me know if it's a cat or a dog.  If the pet is a dog, please give the approximate weight. 

Unless I am out of town (check the home page)  I try to respond in a timely fashion but "Call me ASAP" suggests an emergency--you should be contacting an emergency animal hospital for advice & help or in some cases, animal control.

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