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in-home pet euthanasia for RI residents
Apts are scheduled, between 10 AM & 7 PM - 7 days a week   
This is not an emergency or 24-hour service

NO APTS   JULY  21  TO  23,  AM OF JULY 24 limited and delayed response to inquiries


This website offers general information, insights & resources for anyone contemplating elective humane pet euthanasia as well as some specifics about this service. After reading thru, for appointment requests & more information, text 401 523 6566, or email  PLEASE provide your First & LAST Name, FULL address: #, street & city, if the pet is a cat or dog, & if it's a dog, its approximate weight.   If you include these 3 - 4 facts, I will text/email a cost estimate and availability   You can call 401-523-6566 & leave that information, but please don't ask/expect a quick response to "call me".  I will respond by text,  to that number, and only if notified it's undeliverable, will call when I can.  Inquiries received after 4 pm may not be answered until the next day.   
THE BUSINESS IS NOT LICENCED IN MA OR CT- I can only come to clients in RI.  
 It is assumed the pet is ill, elderly, and easy to handle. Euthanasia of hard-to-handle, big, strong, or feral, dogs & cats, for safety & liability reasons, should be done at a veterinary facility with adequate personnel.  
The fee ranges which follow, are given to speed the process for owners, as the costs of home euthanasia are always more than taking to a clinic/hospital ...even an emergency clinic.  Once I have all the requested info, I will quote the fee for the visit, & euthanasia, which is based on drive-time from Providence, & pet size, & ranges from 325-600$.   Body care by cremation is based on pet weight: for 5 to 200lbs,  communal cremation runs 130-360$, and private cremation/remains returned  345-530$. Payment by check, or cash. 
 (For those with financial limitations, I can send advice on alternatives).  

As a timely and thoughtful tribute to pets you have lost, consider making a donation in their name. NEW: For those who feel no matter how old, they would have liked even more time,  The Dog Aging Institute is now a 501C3 nonprofit organization.  inspired by the groundbreaking discoveries of the Dog Aging Project, by integrating veterinary science & innovative aging research,  they strive to improve the lives of dogs and their human companions. 

THE AVMA & MERCK are accepting donations (100% goes)  to help cats, dogs, zoo and farm animals affected by the WAR IN UKRAINE   Soi Dog is a highly-rated charity for pets in Thailand that can also direct to Ukraine and other hot spots (the list seems to grow daily).

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